Decorating Your Office – On a Budget

Working environments across the UK are constantly changing in order to meet the modern-day workers needs and requirements. Physical environment has a huge impact on mood and productivity levels, therefore it is vital that employers constantly ensure that they are providing their workforce with the most accommodating conditions, relieving them of clutter, mess and more – and in turn making them more focused and like to work hard.

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Whether you have recently relocated with the help of a London removal company or you’re looking to revamp your current offices on a budget – here are a few top tips:

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  • Introduce plants and flowers to your office space – this is something that has been proven to increase not only happiness but also productivity amongst workers. Choose plants that are able to survive all year round and that require minimal maintenance. Certain plants are also able to improve air conditions are more – so take your time when looking for plants to enhance your space.
  • Have a good spring clean, de-cluttering your office and getting rid of any junk that is no longer needed. Over time papers and other rubbish builds up and this can make areas look incredibly messy – take your time to throw out things that aren’t needed – this will assist in creating a positive atmosphere and open up work spaces for all.
  • Wall art should never just be put up because walls look bare, time should be spent thinking about what art is going to be used and it should also have meaning. Try and choose images and pictures that fall within creative commons and relate to your business where possible.
  • Painting your walls can really make a huge difference in itself, especially when opting to use neutral and bright colours. Choosing to paint all walls crisp white can open up work space, making it appear larger and allow staff to feel more comfortable – so if you have a smaller space, you should try this. Having a feature wall can also be a great idea and work to mix up appearances. A good idea is to create a feature wall encompassing your companies recognized colours such as those in your logo.
  • Office furniture is often incredibly expensive to buy new, so if you are on a budget we recommend that you buy all office furniture second hand. Even when purchasing office furniture second hand it is possible to purchase matching options that all fit in with each other, as you can buy from other offices that are simply getting rid of theirs due to update or downsizing.
  • Ask your employees to bring in a few items from home to decorate their desk areas and make their spaces more personal to them. These things could include photographs, ornaments, stationary and more. These things cost nothing but really can make a huge difference.


Patio Pots Packed Full of Winter Colour

Patio owners across the UK constantly seek to ensure that their patios are as stunning as possible, with patio pots being packed full of gorgeous flowers, regardless of the seasons – however, one month in particular sees an abundance of gardeners struggling to select appropriate flowers for their planters and pots, and this is winter. During the summer these pots see the likes of fuchsia and in autumn gardeners across the UK enjoy the loveliness of chrysanthemums and dahlias – but with winter quickly approaching, many gardeners are left confused, wondering what exactly to plant before the spring approaches.

Ideas for your patio pots this winter

When it comes to plant pots during the winter period, you would be right in thinking the vast majority of plants that can be used are green – such as evergreens; however there are a number of gorgeous winter plants that have brightly-coloured berries – which really can look phenomenal and work to get people in the Christmas spirit.

The first step when designing and creating a winter patio pot is to choose a focal point such as a small evergreen shrub. This will be the base of your design an thereafter will be enhanced and enriched with blasts of colour etc.

Here are just a few of the plants that you could consider to liven up your yorkstone paving patio over winter:

  • Skimmias present a fabulous option because they keep their berries all winter long. Not only are these plants compact and neat, allowing for minimal maintenance but the aroma in which they give off is also delightful.
  • Dogwood is another popular choice; thanks to its vivid stems that make any display stand out for all of the right reasons. Available in both a wonderful yellow and flaming red, this plant allows for a range of looks to be created.
  • Another fabulous option is sweet box or sarcococca which has tiny, little lace flowers, creating a gorgeous wintery feel that also smells amazing right through to March. The smell of these plants alone is enough to lift ones spirits.

If you decide to follow this advice and create the most visually stunning planters for winter, you will be happy to know that whatever you don’t use doesn’t have to be wasted either. You can simply use any leftover plants to make a beautiful wreath for your door!

Relocating Your Business – Making The Most of Your Move

Moving office spaces, whether its buying a whole building or just renting and office space within a commercial building, can impact your business greatly. It is vital to have a space where staff feel comfortable and slows them to work to their best, an office they enjoy working in and can easily access. Whether you are a small business are a larger and ever expanding business the need for a nice working space is always visible.

There are many things that play a part in finding the perfect working space for you and your staff, these must be considered when property searching. Wharfedale property company provide commercial building that are available for you and your business.


Location, Location, Location. – You’ve found your ideal office space, but is the location right? It’s about more than just the neighbours, where you choose to place your business on the map can make your workplace either heaven on earth or a living nightmare. Here’s a few things to consider


You need to consider how your employees will get to work every day. Consider both those that drive, get the train. Bus and even those that walk, is there a suitable route for everyone. A car park nearby? A train station within walking distance?

What is the commute to work like? A long and stressful journey, like a train journey with changes and long stops can put staff in a bad mood before they even arrive at the office.

Traffic? Are roads into the office susceptible to long delays at certain times? This can cause the majority of your employees to be late to work on occasions.

Image/ area reputation

The reputation of the local area can have a massive impact on the way people see your business. People will trust a business in an area they know has a good reputation before one that doesn’t. employees spend in excess of 8 hours per day in the office, so having somewhere secure and safe for them to work is vital. Not only inside but also on the journey, you want to know your staff are safe and also feel comfortable on the commute to work.


Consider who your neighbours will be, both inside and outside of the building. Will they be your competitors and could that cause problems?


Your staff may have to visit client’s offices or in fact vice versa, so consider this when choosing where you locate your new office. If you are too far away from your target market you may find your staff spend more time travelling than making sales.

Distance from emergency services

As much as you don’t want to think about a serious accident occurring in the office, it is still important that you consider how far away hospitals, fire stations and police stations.

Distance to nearest airport

Many companies now have a global presence, this could lead to clients and staff coming from or travelling to different countries. Consider how long it takes to get to the nearest airport.

Food and shopping

Looking at the local area, is there somewhere for your staff to eat and get food and drink on their lunch break? How long will it take them to get there and back? Despite being in work most of the day, your staff will still have errands to run after work or on lunch breaks, situating your office close to banks, pharmacies or shops will have your staff thanking you.

Hotels and other offices

Some staff that have long commutes to work stay in hotels or those that travel between offices may also find the need to stay in a hotel for a couple of nights. Firstly how far is your office from any other offices you own? How long is the journey to the nearest hotel?

Location is everything, you can have the highest spec office for your staff to work in but if it is set in a bad area it still won’t help your business. Consider every possibility, even those that may not happen in the present but maybe as your business expands to avoid having to move multiple times.


Top 6 Tips for Moving

Are you moving home? Would you like assistance? We know that the day of the big move – whether it is moving homes, work or just simply moving some items to a difference location, can be extremely stressful. This is why we urge people to seek out professional support and get assistance.

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Tips for Moving

  1. Make a list – Lists are always helpful; they may take time but the outcome is that you don’t forget anything. You can make lists of what needs to go in what box or even a list for what needs to happen on the day of the move.
  2. You will need supplies – Supplies for a move is essential, whether it is moving boxes or labels, this can help a great amount when loading and unloading your moving vehicle.
  3. Unwanted Items – Everyone hoards things, whether its pictures or old clothes, if you don’t need them, get rid! Save more space for the things you need.
  4. Boxes – Boxes are a great way to keep things together, they make sure that nothing goes missing, and your items will be protected from damage.
  5. Organisation – The stuff you don’t need coming up to the move, pack it! Keep organised, this will make your day a lot more relaxed.
  6. Papers – Keep important papers you need with you at all times, whether it’s in your handbag or pocket, it’s essential that they’re with you to avoid the stress of locating them after.

These top tips will help the stress be lifted off your shoulders, however if you would like help when moving and encountering removals in London you can visit –

Three Office Relocation Tips

Relocating a business can be incredibly stressful but there are tips available to make this time smoother and less painful.

Top tips to take into consideration:

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  1. Create a floor plan for your new office in advance to moving to avoid extra stress when you get there. This way when you get to your new location, you will already know where everything is going and be able to get back to work as quickly as possible.
  2. Assign a project manager for your move so that everything goes smoothly and no one gets mixed up with what they are supposed to be doing. Project managers must hold the ability to multi task, organise people and have good communication skills.
  3. Opt for professionals to help you, for example if you are in the capital Safe Removals could assist you with your move. As a leading removal company in London this company will help you from beginning to end and take a lot of stress away from you. For further information, visit their website:

3 ways to save before moving abroad

If you’re thinking of moving abroad you may well know how expensive it can be. You’ll need to get as much money together as you can before you go, especially in case you have unforeseen expenses when you get to your new house abroad. It might be wise to consider your finances before you pack up and move!

Find the best ways to save

international removals

When you’re moving, even if it’s in the same country, you need to make sure your finances are in order and you’ve got all the costs covered. Moving abroad opens up a whole lot more expenses, and there are a few things you can do before you go to get the most out of your income.

Move back home
It might be unreasonable, cramped and uncool, but moving back in with your parents could be one of the best moves you can make. If they know your circumstance they will most likely want to help. Plus you’ll get food, shelter and warmth for a cheaper than normal price and you’ll be able to save more.

Stay in
It might be tempting in the run up to you leaving to go out and see people, but instead of spending extortionate amounts of money here and there, have your friends come to you! You can stay in, catch up and eat some good homemade food. That way you won’t break the bank and can see more friends at once!

Sell stuff
You can’t take everything when you move abroad, so find stuff you don’t need and won’t bring and sell it! There are now countless apps available that make it quick and easy for you to sell clothes and other items online with the click of a button. Simply take a photo, upload it, add a description and price and wait for someone to press ‘buy’!

Get moving
Once you’ve got all your costs covered, make sure you get an international removals service that is affordable and experienced. Top Removals have many years of experience in relocating business and homes abroad. For more information and to view their available services you can call them today on – 020 7205 2525

Boost your plant growth – in the best way!

When you grow plants at home, a key aspiration is to have them looking as healthy and populous as possible. Increasingly in demand, a method of indoor growing is hydroponics – using a liquid and nutrient base, rather than soil. This is particularly popular because it is a sustainable method, ideal for saving space and resources. People who use this method often allude to huge yields and the ability to sow what they choose, all year round. How is this possible?

The key to growing tall


The way you can succeed in your plant growth – especially regarding fruit and vegetables – is to take the hydroponics inspiration! This is because the method uses the best nutrient solutions and fertilisers, which allow growth to be enhanced and perfected to a fine art. Therefore, even if you have not taken up hydroponics yourself, you can enjoy using the best products.

High-quality nutrients and fertilisers provide plants with an ideal concentration of complex nutrients to suit their needs. An example is biobizz products. These boost bacterial flora which allow for the perfect combinations of nutritional values – meaning you can relax knowing that you are giving your gardening and sowing projects the very best chance.

Keeping it fresh

It matters, in relation to good growth, to have a quality provider of all the resources you need.

The New Outdoors


Plans to stay in are usually met with something akin to derision. You could have acres of land and people will still want to know why you aren’t out schmoozing at parties or get-togethers. But the recent economic downturn seems to have turned this pattern on its head. With savings being aspired for wherever possible, it seems that ‘staying in’ is the new ‘going out’.

A change in social expectations

Generation X seem to have a newfound respect for introversion which the older communities built in the age of the salesmen seem not to. It’s cool to be quirky and do things your own way now, rather than conform to mainstream opinions or popular culture. The rise of the ‘hipster’ is a testament to this movement. This means more and more people are making sure that their homes and gardens reflect their lifestyle and individuality in a world where we have never been so overwhelmed by choice. And this extends to their social commitments. Shows like ‘come dine with me’ have encouraged a rise in dinner party culture and garden parties unforeseen hitherto.

The new living room: The Garden

If you’re thinking of expanding your social life but want to retain an element of control, the way forward is to use your garden to entertain guests. As opposed to the inside of your house which can leave people feeling a little underwhelmed. With summer around the corner, DIY jobs tend to take priority. Composite decking has been a fashionable must have for those keen to expand their living space in an affordable and aesthetically pleasing manner. The grass is being cut, and plans are being made to enjoy the Sun (even in England). You could try this approach out and leave an impression of your personality on your peers, along with a sophisticated night to remember.

Stone paving is the perfect spring selection


Spring is approaching

The perfect opportunity for you to make the most of your outdoor space, no matter how large or small. Yet this can cause its complications. For example, those with hay fever may dread the prospect of facing a full lawn, and evidently, a garden in full growth requires much attention. Yet something sure to arrest the attention and captivate the eye moving towards March is exterior stone paving.

Why consider exterior stone paving?

  • Even though the better weather is hopefully on its way, paving is always prepared for a variety of conditions. Hardy and withstanding the rain just as easily as high temperatures, it is a clean and convenient addition to the garden
  • With the upcoming RHS plant and potato fair and horticultural events, even seasoned gardeners are prepared to speak of the benefits of stone paving – it provides a firm foundation for structures from pots to greenhouses
  • Or perhaps just wanting to be in season whether you garden or not? Exterior paving is incredibly stylish, adding an element of sophistication to your outdoor space
  • Stone offers selection.  The best suppliers should be able to offer you the option of sawn paving in a variety of colours and types
  • It is a versatile exterior choice – whether you want it to be the centre of attention, or an aside to a blossoming garden space
  • A place for celebration!  It offers a firm structure for outdoor seating – whether you are planning an Easter Gathering or anticipating a barbeque.

For a suppliers passionate about bringing the best materials and top quality service, London Stone are hard to beat. From sawn paving offering an attractive finish with non-slip qualities to the finest slate and sandstone; they offer a strong selection at accessible prices. With options sure to suit your lifestyle, budget and size of outdoor space and with comprehensive UK delivery, London Stone can help you.

What is Sell and rent back?


Sell and rent back is where you sell your house to a property company and rent the property back off them, usually under a long-term lease agreement. This is done for a variety of reasons:

> You may be unable to afford a reasonable rent

> Don’t qualify for equity release

> Having financial difficulties and need to release the money locked up in your house quickly

> Facing repossession but wish to stay your property long term

> Going through a divorce or separation and one of the parties involved wishes to remain in the house

> Emigrating for whatever reason

> Relocating and want to avoid a chain by selling your property quickly and remaining in it while searching for a new property.

Once you’ve found a trustworthy SRB company, they can offer you a good cash price for your house and a rent agreement that suits you. Many companies also allow you to buy back your property back at a later date. SRB can therefore give you the chance to solve a short term problem and then buy back your house when you’re in a better financial position.